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How to Take Insta-Worthy Food Photographs
Team Offbeat | 05 Feb

Instagram is an ever-growing social media giant and it is important that your coffee shop offering stands out. Here, we look at ways to make sure your food photography is on point.


The best kind of light for food photography is soft, diffused, natural daylight. Artificial light can cast an ugly orange hue whilst natural light is more neutral, allowing the texture of the food to stand out. It’s also best to avoid shooting in bright, direct sunlight as this can cause exposure problems and cast harsh shadows. Soft shadows are far more flattering, creating depth without being overpowering.

Angle and Composition

Angle is key when taking photos and often shooting from above is the best option. Birdseye photography allows for strong and balanced compositions, emphasising shape and form as well as eliminating distracting backgrounds. Additionally, allow some empty space around your product. This will make for a crisper image and will emphasise the colours and textures of the subject. Light, dark or wooden backgrounds tend to work well for food photography – essentially any neutral backdrop should do the trick.


Adding pretty extras to your offering can help bring it to life.  Embellishing dishes with colourful chilli flakes, seeds or herbs for example can add that vital finishing touch. Additionally, pay attention to colour in the food and introduce complementing props. Anything from beautiful cutlery to delicate table linens or freshly cut flowers – the small details can result in the perfect photography to really sell your product and to portray your brand personality.

Get Creative

Get creative and inject a sense of character to your brand and offering. Food photography is a great way to tell a story through beautiful imagery. Think about including items which can help to translate your brand values or to tell a specific story. For example, include cookery books to suggest that you have been experimenting with new recipes or take advantage of public days such as Valentine’s Day for a playful theme.

By Charlotte Anderson

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