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How to Retain Your Brand Personality
| 02 Feb

Establishing your brand image and personality is one thing but retaining your brand personality as your business expands is another. What should you consider when expanding your business to retain your brand personality?

1) What Does Your Brand Mean?

It’s crucial to understand your brand values and to ensure that your ethos and mission is as clear as possible. Whilst this can be difficult to retain as you venture into new markets and expand your customer base, understanding exactly what you stand for through simple core values will make communicating your brand a lot easier and more effective.

2) The Customer Experience

Your brand personality should reflect across all mediums of the customer experience from the interior design and service to digital applications such as your website. Establishing an emotional connection between you and your customers can lead to continued brand loyalty whether through storytelling, inspiring product launches or insightful tips from brand ambassadors.

3) Staff Training

As your coffee shop or restaurant expands, recruiting staff will be an important area of focus. Staff members act as the face of your brand and can help to strengthen your brand image through a shared passion for what your company stands for. Investing in staff training and establishing the type and style of service your team members should offer will contribute to great customer service and strong engagement.

4) Consistency

Why do your customers visit your restaurant or coffee shop? Is it the quality of offerings, the customer service or interior design? Identifying what makes your coffee shop or restaurant successful is one of the first steps to implementing consistency across your sites. By knowing what makes your brand great and understanding your consumer, you can ensure your focus is on the right areas of your business, making sure you’re appealing to your target audience.

5) Be Ready to Evolve

As your coffee shop or restaurant grows, you will undoubtedly be tapping into new consumer markets and trends. This may mean adapting certain elements of your brand where necessary to ensure you are fulfilling your target market’s requirements. This could be anything from developing a mobile app to offering an interactive in-store experience. However, as your company evolves, it is critical to keep your core values at the heart of everything you do.

By Dawood Pathan

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