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How to Respond to Social Media Complaints
Team Offbeat | 27 Jul

Social media platforms have recently become the main avenue for customer interaction and engagement. In today’s digital dominated world, sensitivity and responsiveness to customer feedback is of utmost importance. Be sure that you are getting it right.

In-House Resolution

The first step in reducing social media complaints is to encourage complaints to be made in-house. Encourage staff to be attentive and resolve any issues as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to prevent customers taking issues online. If an issue is addressed online, ask “Did you speak to your waiter/waitress? They are the best person to sort the issue immediately.” Additionally, customer feedback forms given at the end of meals should help to limit social media complaints.

Customise Responses

The range of social media engagement can be vast. It sounds obvious, but it is important to customise your responses to show courtesy and sincerity. There’s nothing worse and more off-putting than a noticeably generic auto-reply.


You can’t change problems that have happened but you can control what happens next. Always respond in a kind and empathetic way. Respond with something along the lines of, “Whilst we hope that everyone will enjoy our coffee as much as we do, we realise not everyone will.” Customers will appreciate the brands honesty and empathy and reassure them of the brands integrity.

Capitalise on Positivity

Praise positive social media feedback. When spending 15mins drafting a complaint response, it can be easy to forget or to just ‘like’ a positive review. Be sure to fully capitalise by engaging and sharing any positive appraisal. Go out of your way to reward staff who receive positive feedback and let the customer know their comments have been passed on – watch as the positivity spreads.

Always remember when replying to an individual customer, you are actually addressing a group of current and potential customers. Demonstrate to everyone that you listen, respond and care about your customers.

By Charlotte Anderson

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