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How to Get the Most Out of Your Coffee Shop Tea Offering
Team Offbeat | 26 Sep

The market for tea in coffee shops is rapidly expanding and increasing in popularity and whilst a classic builder’s brew will never go out of fashion, customers are seeking something more when it comes to their daily cuppa. We have a look at 3 ways to help you get the most out of your tea offering in your coffee shop.

  1. Loose Leaf Tea

Following the rise of craft coffee, loose leaf tea is similarly gaining popularity. It all comes down to quality. Coffee and tea drinkers are more knowledgeable than ever before and are willing to pay more for good quality produce. Additionally, the rise in popularity for oriental food and drink as well as unique and original flavours has seen loose leaf tea gain momentum. You can take advantage of this trend by offering loose leaf tea in teapots with strainers and infusers, which can help add an element of theatre to your coffee shop.

  1. Tea Variety

Stocking a wide variety of loose leaf tea is one sure way to please your customers and get the most out of your coffee shop tea offering. Offering loose leaf tea allows your customers access to a wide choice of flavours with complex characters as well as unique blends that will help differentiate you from your competitors. Offering Seasonal teas can also encourage your customers to experiment year round. A varied and intriguing menu with friendly staff that are enthusiastic and happy to discuss your unique offering will draw in customers time and time again.

  1. Functional Teas

Customers are increasing looking for food and drink with added health benefits. Functional teas which are energy-boosting, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising are becoming ever more popular, especially with the health-conscious millennial generation. You can tap into this market by offering teas such as Matcha as well as the new brew on the block, Kombucha – a fermented tea packed full of probiotics.

Customer knowledge of tea is ultimately the driving force behind its rise in popularity. Keep your customers informed of new and exciting teas on your menu to keep them engaged with your brand and to enhance their in-store experience.

By Charlotte Anderson

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