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How to Build a Loyal Customer Following
Team Offbeat | 16 Aug

Purchasing decisions are based on more than just price. Brand values, engagement and emotional connections are all key factors. Here’s how you can you stay ahead of the competition and build a strong following.

  1. Offer Rewards

You are not the only one vying for your customers attention, your competitors are too. So, how do you gain their trust? Offering a reward for your customers return is a great way to make them feel appreciated and gain trust.

The Benefits of loyalty programmes:

  • Increased Spending: Members of customer loyalty programs typically spend up to 18% more than other customers.
  • Repeat Custom: Loyalty programmes allow for interaction beyond just one point of purchase.
  • Referrals: If a customer enjoys the benefits you are offering, they are more likely to tell friends and family. Word of mouth marketing is priceless.
  • Cost Effectiveness: It is more cost effective to retain happy customers than acquire new ones.
  • Reviews: Schemes that encourage online reviews and ratings will result in authentic content from customers.
  1. Create Meaningful Interactions

Customers can be cynical about loyalty programmes as they believe they are just a clever way to get them to spend money. Build credibility by creating loyalty programmes based on your brand values rather than just the objective of increasing sales. For example, donate a percentage of every sale to charity – everyone’s a winner!

  1. Provide Positive Communication

Loyal customers expect a positive experience with your brand every time they interact with it. Whether this is in person or via a social media platform, it’s critical to respond positively and promptly every time. A smile or a positive emoji can also go a long way!

With more choice than ever before, establishing a brand loyal customer base is crucial in today’s casual dining market. Follow our simple steps above to help set you apart from the rest and guaranty success.

By Charlotte Phillips

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