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How Technology Can Personalise Your Coffee Shop Experience
| 24 Feb

Technology is continuously evolving and has become an important part in the life of today’s consumer. Coffee shops need to adopt new technology to create more personalised customer experiences and, in turn, to increase customer loyalty whilst saving time and money.

1) Mobile App Data

Consumers are demanding a more personalised customer experience, expecting baristas to be familiar with their drinking preferences and regular orders. Coffee shops can develop a more tailored experience using mobile app data to identify drinking habits and understand how their customers expect to be rewarded. Mobile apps can increase consumer engagement amongst younger and older target markets whilst saving time and reducing operational costs.

2)  Tablets and Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards have been implemented in a number of restaurants and fast food establishments and could eventually make their way into independent coffee bars. Digital menu boards allow establishments ease of access to adjust their menu offering including the number of items, prices and promotions.

In contrast, self-ordering stations utilising tablets may also become familiar amongst coffee shops. The use of self-ordering stations could increase consumer convenience and reduce the pressure on employees during busy periods. Not only can this lower the rate of staff error but also decrease costs.

3) Coffee Pod Capsules

The rise in the popularity of coffee capsules questions whether technology can improve the quality of coffee. Given the amount of variables in coffee-making, achieving consistency with every cup can be difficult. Coffee capsules can avoid this issue as they are manufactured with appropriate grind sizes, leaving water as the only variable. An additional benefit of the capsules is their air-tight packaging which preserves the freshness of the coffee for longer.

Despite the benefits of coffee capsules, they are not expected to replace espresso machines or brew bars. However, they can be seen as an alternative brewing method due to the level of control and convenience that they offer.

By Dawood Pathan

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