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How Social Media can Help Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 29 Aug

Social media is a useful tool to attract new customers to your establishment. Utilising social media, independent coffee shops with small marketing budgets can now compete with the likes of big coffee shop players. We explore how social media can help your business to flourish and keep customers coming back for more.

Social Media Networks

Social media means coffee shops can communicate with their customers more effectively than ever before. Through regularly using the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can create a personal connection with customers and get people talking about your coffee shop. Be active in your social media community to help create brand awareness and encourage customers to give your coffee shop a try.


Blogging is a great tool to use to develop an online presence and discuss offers and deals. Whether writing regularly about coffee beans or fancy new coffee trends, you can create a hub where customers can frequent and discuss current topics. However, as useful as a blog can be, it can also be undesirable if you push your brand too strongly. Instead, provide readers with something of interest and value to them. Your blog should be interesting, educational and engaging.

App-Based Social Networking

With the emergence of numerous restaurant apps, it’s a no-brainer to get involved. Foursquare is a social networking service where your customers can discover and share information about your coffee shop. When your customers create a profile, Foursquare will know exactly what they want and tailor to their needs, filtering irrelevant information. Allowing customers to rank their favourite coffee shops, you can also offer incentives to loyal customers.

With so many social media platforms, it’s important to always remember your coffee shop’s aims, objectives and identity. Keeping your brand identity consistent will help your coffee shop remain recognisable and discernible.

By Charlotte Anderson

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