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How Restaurants Use Technology to Enhance Your Dining Experience
| 06 Dec

We’re living in an age where technology is constantly advancing and making its way across multiple industries including hospitality. With Amazon having recently launched their new Amazon Go concept, we take a look at how restaurants will use technology to enhance our dining experiences:

Amazon Go

Amazon recently revealed their new physical supermarket store – Amazon Go – where shoppers only need a mobile app to scan items and can then make their way straight out of the door. Innovative technology will detect which items have been taken and will charge customers via their Amazon accounts.

The brick and mortar store will offer the usual shopping necessities including milk, bread and cheese alongside freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner items. Amazon predicts the concept to be available to the public by early 2017 and is currently being tested in Seattle by Amazon employees.

So, how is technology expected to change our dining experience?

Restaurants have begun to utilise interactive technology including virtual reality (VR) devices to create more memorable dining experiences for their consumers.

Italian restaurant Carluccio’s, launched a new VR concept to mark the brand’s updated menu. Customers are virtually transported to Sicily and have the opportunity to dine by the sea via VR headsets and an interactive YouTube video.

Pan-Asian restaurant, Inamo, has also implemented interactive technologies within its new site in Covent Garden. The site features tablet ordering systems and interactive tables where guests can adjust lighting and watch their dishes being prepared. The move brings an increase in transparency between the brand and consumer whilst accommodating to the increasing number of digital-savvy diners.

Inamo co-founder, Noel Hunwick, predicts future tech for restaurants could include using gesture based generative artwork on tables and infra-red devices.

By Dawood Pathan

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