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How Interior Design Is Changing the Way We Work
| 09 Sep

Office spaces have changed immensely over the years with many working environments adopting a more open and casual approach to interior design. The interior design of our working environment can impact on our levels of enthusiasm, motivation and productivity. Here are 3 ways that design is changing the way we work:

1) Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs are designed to help companies tackle complex challenges that relate to modern business. Companies may have one or multiple labs in the form of exhibitions, workshops and collaborative projects, designed purposely to develop solutions for industry issues. Labs may implement a more social and casual approach towards interior design, featuring playful furniture solutions alongside themed areas with decorative artwork, creating effective co-working spaces.

2) Co-working Spaces

Modern day offices have moved away from isolated cubicles and have adapted towards creating engaging working environments. Typical co-working spaces provide employees with WiFi, deskspace and general office equipment, encouraging employees to increase interaction with one another. Modular components have proven to be popular amongst start-ups as they allow for a fluid environment whilst being cost-effective and versatile. Notable global brands with desirable co-working areas include Google, whose transparent and quirky office spaces create a dynamic working atmosphere.

3) General Well-being

Playing with elements of interior design such as lighting, furniture and colour can greatly improve general wellbeing within offices. High quality lighting alongside opportunities to stay active may increase working capacity and positively influence factors including motivation and creativity. Colours can alter employee mood whilst plant life may help to soften even the most corporate environments. Amazon’s new Seattle office concept is an inspiration with its round greenhouse-inspired shape alongside bold, verdant shrubs and hanging gardens.

By Dawood Pathan

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