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How Illustrations Can Enhance Brand Identity Design
Claire Mulreany | 14 Jun

What better way to visually characterise your brand and to portray your brand personality than through customised illustrations?

Illustrative brand design will set your brand apart from the rest and ultimately push brand awareness and loyalty.

Create a Memorable First Impression

Quality written content is important to the repute of your brand but your upmost concern is to create a brand identity that visually stimulates the public. Catch their eye then capture their heart.

Illustrations can embody the essence or vision of your brand and can exist as memorable brand mascots. They have the ability to trigger immediate association with your brand and become as effective as the logo itself.

Push Your Brand Message

Illustrations allow for brands to represent themselves, their services and their brand message cohesively across all marketing materials in a fun, fresh and engaging way – a way that is distinct and exclusive to them and them alone.

Illustrations can visually represent your brand message in a simple and clean manner that is universally and easily understood.

Achieve a Unique Style

Most associate ‘illustration’ with a sketchy, cartoony style but in reality there is an infinite number of contrasting illustration styles. You just need to find a style that best defines your brand. There is no limit to how far you can go with illustrations – create your own entity; let your imagination run wild to create something truly unique!

Enhance Your Website Design

Use of illustrative elements can help to convey an authentic, honest and approachable brand identity. For this reason, illustrative websites have become far more popular than indistinguishable, text-heavy websites that lack the visual stimulation to keep visitors engaged.

Why not create and implement animated illustrations into your website design? By adding an interactive dimension, you will further engage, excite and entice your visitors.

Customise Your Product Offering

A great way to create a recognisable and appealing brand is to distinguish your product offering with custom illustrations. Give each product its own unique illustration. Again, it’s all about personalisation and adding a unique level of detailing to your extended brand design to keep your customers captivated.

Inform Your Audience

Illustrations can inform and convey abstract or complex ideas and messages to your customers. They can depict the ordering process as part of your menu design, for example, or can form visually appealing infographics.

To conclude, illustrations have the ability not only to characterise your immediate brand identity but also to add personality across your extended branding. Illustrations are unrestricted, customised design elements that act as characterful representations of your brand.