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Graphic Design Trends for Your Coffee Shop Brand Identity
Team Offbeat | 05 Jan

Identifying current graphic design trends is a key consideration when creating your brand identity. Today, we check out current trends and explore how these can be applied to your coffee shop brand design, website concept and marketing material.

Hand Drawing

In a digital-dominated world, hand drawn graphic design can give your brand identity a personal touch. Last year saw an increase in the popularity of handcrafted elements with a move away from fake and polished graphics towards a more gritty and real approach. This authentic attitude goes hand in hand with the current cultural movement of celebrating local craftsmanship. Using a hand-written typeface or hand drawn sketches as part of your marketing material is one way to help create a characterful brand identity.

Bold Colour

Be brave with colour! Vibrant, fluorescent and clashing colour combinations are moving into the mainstream. Making bold choices with colour can help your brand design to inspire positivity and communicate a fun and inclusive brand personality. Keep your colour choices consistent across all marketing communications to help achieve a recognisable brand identity and leave a lasting impression on your customers.


Love it or loath it, Brutalism is having a resurgence! Originating in the 1950’s, this raw, bold design movement is now being applied in its newest state to website design. Taking minimalism to the extreme, Brutalism is a striped back, stark design style that can be effective particularly for web design. A brand taking the Brutalism trend to the extreme is Balenciaga. Its anti-aesthetic site is a bit of a shock due to its bare and basic look, yet quite refreshing in its fuss-free approach. Incorporate Brutalism’s clean, simple and functional qualities to help give your website design a fresh and user-friendly update for 2018.

By Charlotte Anderson

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