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Go Live with Your Coffee Shop via Instagram
| 24 Jan

Have you taken your coffee shop live yet? If not, you’re missing out on the potential benefits that could help to increase your brand awareness. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram’s latest feature – Instagram Live – is now available to all users, having made its first debut back in November 2016. Instagram Live allows you to broadcast real time video to your followers for up to 60 minutes. Keep in mind that once you have finished your live session, the video disappears completely. This can have its benefits and here’s why:

The fact your live broadcasts aren’t saved only makes your content more valuable and further encourages your followers to join you when you do host a live session. Instagram sends out a notification to your followers letting them know when you’re live which also helps to increase the amount of visitors to your stream.

As Instagram Live is similar to Instagram Stories, you need not worry too much about the quality of your content as the whole idea is for the moment to be spontaneous. So, keep a calm composure and be yourself!

Why You Should Go Live with Your Coffee Shop

Live video is predicted to be the next big trend for social media in 2017, having really taken off last year. Sharing live experiences can help to instantly increase engagement between you and your consumers whilst giving you more flexibility to share content faster and more efficiently.

There are many ways that your coffee shop can use Instagram Live, whether it’s simply chatting to your potential customers or sharing a product demo. Here are a few more suggestions:

Q & As 

If you’re lacking feedback from your customers or wish to improve the customer experience, hosting a casual Q&A can help to give you a better idea of what could be missing from your business or brand.

Demos / Tutorials

Sharing tutorials on how to create your most popular beverage, for example, could give your brand that personal touch and unique edge. Creativity is key here and it will be your personality and style that sets you apart from your competition.


Sharing promotional offers to those engaging with your live stream could increase brand recognition by word-of-mouth and, in turn, increase your online follower count and physical shop footfall.

By Dawood Pathan

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