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Four tips for Furnishing Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 13 Sep

Whether you are furnishing a brand new coffee shop, or simply updating your existing furniture, here are four important points to consider.

  1. Reinforce Your Concept

Furniture is so much more than just a place for your customers to sit. Furniture can make a real impact on the overall ambience of your shop. The type and style you choose can help to translate your brand concept and ethos. Whether it is upholstered velvet chairs for elegant dining or casual metal stools for a fast-paced offering, be sure that the furniture you select reinforces your brand identity.

  1. Stand Out

Use furniture to help differentiate your restaurant. Don’t be afraid to introduce unique styles, colours and patterns. For example, eclectic Moorish patterns can add charm to a Mediterranean concept whilst vibrant colours and rich textiles can be suggestive of an Indian eatery.

  1. Variety

Depending on your food and drink offering, it is a good idea to offer a variety in furniture choice. Some customers just want to pop in for a quick espresso, whilst others may want to linger longer. Offering a choice in style and comfort will show that you are listening to your customer’s requirements and accommodating for their varied needs.

  1. Exterior

Don’t stop at the interior, if you have an outside space, make the most of it. With the unpredictable British whether, practical and durable furniture is the key to getting it right. It is a good idea to select stackable furniture models. This way you can store it away in the evenings and during colder months to extend its longevity.

By Charlotte Phillips

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