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Food Waste App for The Hospitality Sector
Team Offbeat | 19 Mar

Food waste is a global problem. In the UK hospitality sector, the cost equates to £2.5 billion a year and rising! With food waste firmly in the limelight, we check out ‘Karma’, an app aimed at combating and reducing the problem.

What is Karma?

Karma, which launched in London last month, is an app committed to fighting the battle against food waste. Karma offers a platform for businesses to sell surplus food that would otherwise be disposed of. The company teams up with restaurants and cafés to help them sell their surplus food at a discounted price to their consumers. The scheme has proved to be extremely successful in Sweden since its launch in 2016. The business now has 250,000 users who can benefit from discounted food across 1000 eateries in 35 cities and towns. The company currently has 50 locations around London, including Hummus Bros, Aubaine and Michelin-starred Aquavit.

How it Works?

Customers simply download the app to start receiving free push notifications when a sale starts. Users can search and find delicious unsold food from restaurants, cafés and grocery stores, pay a reduced price, pick up and enjoy – it’s easy! Apparently the top bargains can be picked up around 10am for surplus breakfast, 2pm for lunch and after 7pm for dinner. It’s free for companies to sign up to with no binding terms. However, Karma do collect a 25% transaction fee on each purchase made through the app.

The Benefits

Karma helps make it simple for businesses to reduce their environmental impact whilst also enhancing their reputation as ethical and sustainable. The app allows businesses to reach new customers and to gain additional revenue, whilst customers benefit by eating well and saving money – it’s a win-win situation! According to Karma, businesses have the potential to increase revenue by up to £30,000! For the customer, the app provides the perfect solution for the food-loving, environmentally-conscious and digitally-savvy London consumer.

Great food shouldn’t be wasted and if Karma can help to make even the smallest dent in the wider global issue, surely it’s a great thing. It’s empowering for businesses as well as customers to be active in the complex fight against food waste – it’s time to get involved!

By Charlotte Anderson

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