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Food-to-go Trends 2017
Team Offbeat | 13 Oct

Food-to-go is one of the most exciting markets in the hospitality sector at the moment and according to IGD, leading retail market researchers, the UK’s food-to-go market is set to reach a market value of £23.5 billion by 2022, that’s a 30% increase from its current value. There has never been a better time to capitalise on this growing market, so here’s a look at how to get the most out of your food-to-go offering.


The research suggests that three main meals a day is a thing of the past. With lifestyles becoming busier and stress levels soaring, there is less time for sitting down to enjoy meals. Our 24/7 culture and time-poor consumers are choosing to eat whilst on-the-go. Convenience is key for these consumers who aim to eat when and where it suits them. It is important to stay competitive in this market by offering quality and practical food solutions that are easy to transport, eat and ultimately enjoy.


Consumers are also becoming increasingly more sophisticated and adventurous in their tastes and demands when purchasing food-to-go. By continuing to innovate and to offer a wide variety, you can tap into this growing market. Furthermore, the current millennial market is health conscious so your menu must accommodate healthy options to appeal to and continue to attract this group. From naked burgers to super salads, create a healthy and appetising menu to entice the millennial generation.


With the food-to-go market growing at such a rapid rate, it’s important to keep the customer at the centre of what you do, keep them feeling special. Offer food that can be tailored to suit each individual customer’s requirements to drive sales. Wraps and sandwiches can be easily customised to accommodate your customers. They are also perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, can be served hot or cold and are able to accommodate global flavour trends.

Continuous improvement on meeting customers’ needs in the food-to-go sector is essential to remaining competitive. As this food-to-go scene continues to grow faster than the rest of the eating-out market, so too must coffee shops adapt to provide the highest quality and convenient food and drink offerings.

By Charlotte Anderson

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