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Food-To-Go – An Insight into The Eating Out Market
Team Offbeat | 15 Feb

According to research by MCA Insight and HIM, the food-to-go sector continues to out-perform the total eating out market. Food-to-go saw a 3% growth rate in the last year, with a predicted £2 billion growth forecast over the next three years. This equates to a quarter of total eating out spending – a statistic not to be ignored.

The food-to-go sector is currently the most competitive sector within the eating out market but has benefited from consumers growing time-pressured demands. Successful operators will be brands that focus on the core, basic needs of speed, value and quality.

Identifying sub-channels driving growth, conscious consumerism and ultra-efficiency appear to be prominent trends. Key younger generations are striving to be more responsible for their health and the environment whilst also demanding technology-led, time-saving solutions.

One brand adapting their offering to remain relevant in a fast-paced market is Pizza Express with their food-to-go spin-off brand, ZA. Set to open this month, ZA will offer pizza slices, pizza wraps, salads and breakfast flatbreads. Acknowledging the current food-to-go trends, Pizza Express are future-proofing and evolving their brand inline with customer demands.

Looking at key trends, the competitive market, consumer needs, growth opportunities and future development, the report highlights a vital area for growth for operators. In order to remain relevant in this competitive market, be sure you are adapting your food-to-go offering to accommodate for consumers wants and needs.

By Charlotte Phillips

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