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Ethical Design for Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 13 Jun

With a growing awareness of ethical and ecological issues, here we explore an ethical and environmentally friendly approach to design and advise on how to implement these ideas into your coffee shop.

Eco-friendly Materials

With an increase in the use of sustainable materials, raw renewable resources with low environmental impact are in demand. Cork is a perfect example of an eco-friendly material due to its sustainability, durability and microbial properties which reduce allergens. No trees need to be cut down when harvesting, as the bark can be harvested from the same tree for up to two hundred years. It can be applied to floors, walls and used to make furniture. The material is extremely versatile and can be finished in a variety of different paints, stains and sealants to suit any design scheme.

Handmade Products

From Vietnamese handcrafted baskets made in family-owned workshops to craft beer locally brewed in London, the artisan trend continues to rise in popularity. Producing and purchasing handmade products for your coffee shop promotes craftsmanship and ensures minimum impact on our environment.

Recyclable and Biodegradable Products

Coconut shell and bamboo sourced from sustainable forests and biodegradable fabrics are a few materials which can be implemented into your coffee shop. As well as having little negative impact on the environment, these materials can also create striking and unique interior features. Silk, cotton, hemp and wool are further examples of materials that are biodegradable so can be composted and returned to the earth creating less unnecessary waste.

Fair  Trade

Fair trade is a term used to recognise producers in developing countries and ensures fair prices are paid for materials. Using fair trade products which are socially responsible is a simple way to promote equality and empowerment to producers. Sharing these values and incorporating them into your coffee shop business will not only improve your business but also the livelihood of thousands of others too.

By Charlotte Anderson

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