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Customers As Powerful Brand Ambassadors
| 14 Feb

Your customers are your most loyal brand ambassadors and can have significant impact on your brand reputation in addition to business growth and sales. Here are 3 reasons why your customers should always be valued:

1) Authenticity

There is a big difference between customer brand ambassadors and brand influencers. Whilst both can be successful at sharing your brand story and increasing exposure for your business, one comes across as more authentic than the other.

Customer brand ambassadors are your real customers – people who genuinely enjoy your offerings, services and the experience you create. On the other hand, brand influencers are usually individuals with large social media presences and are often given an incentive to advertise or promote your brand.

Real and genuine customers can help you to build a strong and trustworthy reputation through positive feedback. Whether this is via Google reviews, forums or social media, their input can add authenticity and a stamp of approval to your brand encouraging others to visit your establishment.

2) Build Customer Engagement and Retention

A large amount of customers enjoy knowing the person behind the counter who makes their regular morning coffee or afternoon snack. Striking up conversation and building friendly relationships can lead to stronger customer retention and brand loyalty. Whilst this may come across as a simple or obvious strategy, it is one that is often underestimated by businesses or given less priority.

By giving customers your attention and time you will make them feel appreciated and valued. Remember, even the simplest gestures of gratitude can lead customers to co-promote your brand.

3) Know Your Customer Worth and Potential

Average footfall numbers for your business will be a good indicator of the potential your customers have to share your brand story. You most likely have more than 100 customers per day visiting your coffee shop but think of the bigger picture and how many connections they know or have access to. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available at hand!

There are no restrictions to how far your brand story can travel but ultimately it is up to you to make the effort to get the ball rolling.

By Dawood Pathan

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