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Consumer Habits to Shape Coffee Shop Design
| 01 Mar

Water filtration experts Brita recently revealed their latest Business Toolkit report, looking at the importance of coffee shop design at present and in the future. Here’s what you need to know:

Brita’s latest Business Toolkit report looks at the current – and possible future – importance of coffee shop design and assesses the evolving nature of café culture.

The report features commissioned research by Allegra Insights which looks to explore the different requirements and expectations of over 800 coffee drinkers. Following Allegra’s findings, it was evident there were three main types of coffee consumer: ‘shoppers’, ‘take-a-breakers’ and ‘socialisers’.

  • Shoppers’ look for quiet and comfortable spaces to relax away from their busy shopping sprees and to plan ‘where to next’. They prefer communal seating and are less inclined to interact with staff.
  • Take-a-breakers’ visit multiple times within the day, usually pre-ordering their coffee for take-away. Take-a-breakers are looking for a break within their regular routine and appreciate friendly interaction.
  • Socialisers’ put the most value on friendly interaction and visit coffee shops to meet up with friends or family. They prefer nooks and secluded booths to socialise and relax.

Despite the differences between these three main groups, ambienceinteraction and atmosphere were noted as the top three factors contributing to a repeat visit. It was also reported that over 58% of consumers use coffee shops to people watch – what a nosey bunch we are! One in five of us use coffee shops as a space to relax; to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So, what is the future of coffee shop design? 

Allegra’s report reveals how coffee shops will adopt lower counters and bars to increase engagement between staff and consumers in the future. Technology is also expected to transform customer engagement through the use of digital menu boards and standing-desks to appeal to the growing tech-savvy consumer.

Following the key findings listed in the report, it is evident that consumers – whether ‘shoppers’, ‘take-a-breakers’ or ‘socialisers’ – appreciate coffee shops as spaces to relax and equally as spaces to socialise. Designing your space to meet the requirements of your consumer is paramount.

By Dawood Pathan

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