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Colour of The Year 2020
Team Offbeat | 10 Jan

Each new year brings new colours to look out for. From Tranquil Dawn to Broccoli Brown, we check out the shades captivating 2020.


Dulux has selected ‘Tranquil Dawn’ as its colour of the year. Inspired by the morning sky, the soft shade of green is a soothing antidote to an increasingly disconnected modern society. Versatile, the neutral shade can be used to create spaces of care as well as play with the ultimate goal of encouraging human connection.


This year, Pantone have selected ‘Classic Blue’. Thought to install calm, confidence and connection, this timeless hue highlights our desire for a stable future as we enter a new decade. Suggestive of the sky at dusk, the restful tone brings a sense of peace, honesty and tranquillity. Aiding concentration, this hue also helps to re-centre our thoughts and challenge us to expand our thinking.

Graham & Brown

Dark ‘Adeline’ green is Graham & Brown’s colour of the year.  The rich, bottle green provides the perfect antidote to modern technology creeping into our homes. Creating a healthier, happier home, the versatile and adaptable shade is evocative of lively country gardens. Creating a natural, peaceful setting, the shade perfectly complements their Victorian-inspired wallpaper of the year – ‘Bloomsbury Neo-Mint’.

Farrow & Ball

‘Colour by Nature’ is a colour collaboration by Farrow & Ball and The Natural History Museum, inspired by Werner’s ‘Nomenclature of Colours’. Published in 1814, the book classifies colours in nature and was used by Charles Darwin as he recorded his findings from the 1831 voyage of HMS Beagle. From deep Ultra Marine Blue to Duck Green, the 16-colours depict hues from the natural world. Highlighting an important historical artefact, the collection also encourages people to bring the true beauty of nature into their homes.

In a technology dominated world, the desire for balance, harmony and nature is prominent. If you are thinking of decorating your coffee shop or restaurant this year, try some of these nature-inspired tones for harmony and connection.

By Charlotte Phillips

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