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Coffee Shop Lighting Design
Team Offbeat | 08 Aug

When thinking about opening a coffee shop, it’s important to consider the lighting design and the atmosphere you want to achieve. The feeling that the customer gets when relaxing in your coffee shop is ultimately what will make them return. Lighting which is quite often overlooked, is the simplest, most economical way to create ambience in your establishment. Here, we have a look at coffee shop lighting and how it can be manipulated to bring your coffee shop design to life.

Functional Lighting

It’s important to take into account functionality and purpose, for example, direct spot lighting for a display cabinet or direct overhead illumination for a reading area. Lighting can be used to create zones in your coffee shop; various different styles can help to define different areas for different functions. With this in mind, you can play around and experiment with various fixtures and fittings to achieve your desired effect.

Mood Lighting

Lighting can change the mood of a space and also the mood of your customers. Pendants hung low over coffee tables can create intimate pools of light where your customers can feel they are alone in their own company. Warm, yellow lighting can transform a cold corner into a cosy and inviting area whilst a subtly diffused glow will allow customers to feel calm and relaxed.

Natural Lighting

For a day-time establishment, we can’t express enough the importance of natural lighting. The idea is to try to maximise the natural light entering your establishment. One way to achieve this is to keep your windows as clutter-free as possible. As desirable as it is to have seating directly in the window areas, keep it minimal; no big heavy sofas and units which will obstruct the natural light’s pathway. Using mirrors is also a great little trick to try to bounce around the little natural light you may have in your shop.

Feature Lighting

Another way to incorporate lighting is to make it a feature in your shop. Create a centrepiece by adding a bold and dramatic statement light fixture that the eye is drawn to, this way creating a dramatic visual impact. From antique chandeliers to designer pendants, unique design styles can create a talking point in themselves.

By Charlotte Anderson

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