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Coffee Shop Design: The Next Big Trends in 2017
| 10 Feb

Materials, colours and furniture are some of the many elements that can make or break an interior design. Here we look at the next big design trends for coffee shops and restaurants in 2017:

1) Warm Metals

The age of industrial-themed coffee shops and restaurants is not over yet. Metals are expected to remain in the spotlight with gold and rose gold being particularly popular. Combining a mixture of warm and cold metals such as copper and silver can create a pleasant level of contrast.

2) Fluid & Irregular Patterns

Whether its tiles, vinyl or fabric, fluid and irregular patterns can break up the most rigid of interior spaces. Using a combination of fluid and irregular patterns can give your coffee shop or restaurant an added dimension and can be used to highlight the main areas of service. This can be particularly useful for implementing clear staff and customer routes.

3) Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a simple material but one that can be used to create an element of mystery and depth within your coffee shop or restaurant interior design. The versatile material can also help to create different zones for increased privacy and comfort.

4) Earthy, Muted and Monotone Colour Palettes

There are four main colour palettes noted by Dulux which are set to take centre stage in 2017. These are: New Romanticism (earthy and organic tones), Considered Luxury (light monotones), Shared Individualism (bright and playful colours) and The Working Home (muted natural hues). All four colour palettes hold strong connections to organic and industrial themes.

5) Vintage Touches

Vintage décor and furniture sit very well within contemporary interior schemes. An artistic chair, table or sofa can, for example, pose as a gorgeous centre piece whilst ornamental fixings can fulfil a more subtle approach. Vintage touches can add a sense of luxury to your space without it looking too upmarket or exclusive.

By Dawood Pathan

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