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Coffee Shop Design – Interior Design Trends 2018
Team Offbeat | 09 Jan

Here, we take a look at some popular interior design trends for 2018. From hanging foliage to oversized wall art, we check out what’s trending on Pinterest and how you can incorporate these ideas into your coffee shop design.

Patterned Plants

According to Pinterest, saves for “patterned plants” have increased 533%! The humble house plant has experienced a major revamp over the last year. Londoners are not only donning every available surface with lush greenery and succulents, they are seeking more unique plant styles. Tap into this trend by introducing vibrant and interestingly-patterned foliage, to inject a new lease of life into your coffee shop.

Patterned Foliage

Ceiling Design

Up 310% on Pinterest, “statement ceilings” are big news this year. Also known as the “fifth wall”, a bold statement ceiling can transform any interior design scheme. Striking patterned wallpaper, bold colour or tiling are just a few ways to add interest to a usually forgotten surface and can create a unique ambience. Mirrors or tiles can add depth and intrigue whilst experimenting with colour can help create atmosphere and mood.

Tiled Ceiling Design – Babaji Pide, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Big Wall Art

Pinterest saves for “big wall art” are up 637%! Instantly adding character to your coffee shop design, unique prints can transform any lacklustre wall into a focal point. Whether intending to add a sense of calm and peace or fun and vigour, carefully selected art can help to portray the spirit of your brand and to create a characterful space. Additionally, art work can be used to zone your interior space. Generally wall art can be used as an easy and relatively cost efficient way to inject new life into your interior.

Interesting Wall Art

 By Charlotte Anderson

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