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Coffee Based Apps
Team Offbeat | 30 May

Following the bank holiday festivities, that Tuesday morning coffee is certainly needed more now than ever before. We’ve had a little look at some of the best coffee based apps that will make purchasing and enjoying your coffee that little bit more convenient.

Top Coffee Spot 

A communal space app for coffee lovers as well as coffee shops to post reviews, photos and tips. Focusing on local independent coffee shops, the app provides a platform in which to showcase their products and allows customers a chance to discover their perfect coffee spots. As a customer, you can search via location and preferences, making it easier for Londoners to swap their usual chain shop for a quirky independent venue.

Grind & Co

Time is precious and this independent coffee group has created an app that allows you to skip the queue. So, for those Monday mornings when you’ve missed your alarm and your train has been delayed, pre-ordering and paying for coffee in advance could well be the perfect app in keeping your day on track. All you need to do is use the Grind & Co app to select your coffee bean, customise your order, pay online then simply pick up your purchase from ‘Grind’ at any of the London based stores. Revolutionary!

Coffee Art

Learn the skills of the barista trade by perfecting your pouring techniques at home. For coffee enthusiasts, Coffee Art contains videos of the main coffee art techniques; free pouring, etching and fudge art, as well as a list of ingredients and instructions to be able to create your favourites coffees at home. You will be able to show off your new skills to friends in no time.


By Charlotte Anderson

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