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Brockwell Blend


Located just outside of central Brixton, artisan coffee shop Brockwell Blend represents a locally-inspired, understated and contemporary design concept.

The brand design features a friendly, handmade graphic style, utilising chic yellow iconography. The interior combines rustic with contemporary styles, using natural materials and minimal decor. A custom tiled counter fascia serves as the heart of the coffee shop, where customers can watch coffee and food being prepared while interacting with the baristas.

Appealing to young professionals and families while relating to nearby Brockwell Park, bespoke interior features include a custom-built wooden table and a decorated garden wall, painted by a local artist. These elements further enhance Brockwell Blend as a communal space.

To check out Brockwell Blend’s sister site, Brixton Blend, click the case study link below.


– Brand Identity
– Interior Design
– Business Consultation
– Signage and Packaging