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Carioca Launches at Boxpark Croydon
| 21 Oct

Carioca is a new Brazilian street-food concept, launching at Boxpark Croydon on Monday 31st October. The Brixton-based restaurant aims to bring consumers ‘a bite of Brazil’ at their new site through a hearty and exquisite Brazilian menu accommodating for breakfast, lunch and dinner available to eat-in or take-away.


Up until 5pm, Carioca will be serving a variety of brunch items including their ‘famous maize muffins’, a contemporary twist on traditional Brazilian cuisine. Guests can choose from a selection of set toppings including ‘Carnaval’ – a filling vegetarian dish featuring sautéed bell peppers, pineapple, leek, poached egg, grilled halloumi and spring onion. Meat lovers might opt for the ‘Ipanema’ – pan-fried chorizo, capers, avocado, salsa verde and sun-dried tomato.

The evening menu, available after 5pm, offers guests authentic Brazilian national dishes such as ‘Feijoada’ – a hearty black bean stew with chorizo, a selection of meats including beef and pork and served on a bed of rice with sautéed kale. Alternatively, the ‘Carmen Miranda’ is a spicy mango and vegetable patty dish topped with mint yoghurt and chickpeas.

Interior Design

Carioca’s interior design was inspired by the spirit and energy of Rio de Janeiro mixed with the raw and natural textures of the favelas, achieved through bespoke graphics and industrial materials. The concept aims to bring together the glamorous and gritty lifestyles in Brazil to offer a snap-worthy and authentic customer experience.

Despite the unit being limited in size, Carioca bursts with colour and personality with a three metre long wall graphic featuring film icon Carmen Miranda, colourful tolix stools and a dual-coloured high-bar.

Brand Design

As well as the interior design, Offbeat Creative worked with Carioca to design the visual identity of the brand, centred on Brazilian glamour icon, Carmen Miranda. Characterful stickers and playful staff uniform all add to the quirkiness of the brand design.

A series of customised stickers based around Brazilian culture and architecture were designed by Offbeat for packaging. Each sticker is different and features its own unique pattern alongside bright colour combinations and iconography.

Offbeat Creative also designed a staff t-shirt, featuring a bespoke pattern of Carmen Miranda in an electric, pop-art style. The t-shirt makes use of the brand’s primary and accent colours including a bright, fruity orange alongside electric pink.


Carioca takes street food and casual dining to the next level, bringing the passion of Rio de Janeiro to the community of Croydon through an original menu, striking interior design and an authentic consumer experience.

By Dawood Pathan

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