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Brand Design for Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 18 Aug

Whilst minimal design has been popular in recent years, more and more designers are beginning to shift towards a more complex design approach. Here are some design-style considerations for your coffee shop.

Decorative Details

Elaborate details from fun typography to intricate patterns can add a lot of personality to a project. This being said, be sure not to overwhelm your customers. The decorative details should help to enhance the brand personality and can be easily translated to different mediums, such as your website and coffee cup design. The use of ornate serif fonts is also becoming increasingly popular with the current trend for more authentic and established looking brands.


The use of an icon is a popular brand design addition. Driven by their versatility, icons can be transferred across a variety of different applications such as websites, menus and business cards. It’s important for the icon to confidently stand independent from, as well as alongside lettering. With the need to communicate quickly and efficiently to customers, over-complicated icon designs are taking a back-seat. Considering an icon to accompany your logo can help to solidify your brand identity and add character and charm to your concept.


This year’s Pantone colour is a refreshing and revitalising shade of green called ‘Greenery’. Holding connotations with nature, relaxation and growth, green is a popular colour and one that lends itself to being paired with contrasting and complementary colours to create a visually-appealing design.

Flat and Clean

With growth in mobile-responsive websites, the need for graphics to look attractive and remain legible on both large and small devices is increasingly important. Simplified versions of existing logos can be applied to retain logo clarity; however it is important to keep your brand looking consistent and recognisable. Whilst it is important to consider legibility, you want to grab attention and make sure your design has a positive visual impact. Creating additional, supporting graphics in line with your brand ethos is one way to achieve this.

By Charlotte Anderson

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