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Autumnal Interior Design Trends for Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 29 Sep

Breathe new life into your coffee shop interior design this autumn with some fabulous new seasonal design trends. Autumn is a great time of year to restore and create a sense of calm in your coffee shop design. From rich autumnal jewel tones to industrial rustic materials we take a look at some of the best and latest trends.

Jewel Tones

Dark and moody jewel tones are key this autumn. Rich plum and berry shades will have your coffee shop feeling cosy, helping to create the perfect ambience to unwind. Applied as paint to feature walls, emerald green will help your interior design to feel sophisticated whilst dark terracotta can add a rich depth to your space. These wonderfully deep shades can be used to counterbalance autumn’s shorter, darker and colder days by adding a sense of warmth and comfort to your coffee shop.


The marble craze is still evident this season, but darker tones of marble are key to getting this trend right this autumn.  Reddish brown, forest green and jet black marble are the shades to look out for. Marble’s swirls and veins can create plenty of visual interest whilst still appearing sleek and elegant.  Used as a counter top finish, it is perfect for portraying a contemporary yet established and timeless look in your coffee shop interior design.

Rustic Materials

Perfect for the autumn months, rustic and textured materials work perfectly to help create a warm and cosy ambience. We will see a shift in popularity from highly polished metals such as copper, to more interesting hammered and worn surfaces. From oxidised metals and heat treated effects, these materials can provide a sense of age and heritage, perfect for giving your coffee shop an established impression. In addition to this, raw materials remain a constant trend to indicate a modern and industrial feel. Reclaimed timber and raw concrete continue to have a presence and layered with rustic accessories can help create a contemporary yet characterful coffee shop design.

By Charlotte Anderson

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