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Autumn/Winter Interior Design Tips for Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 12 Oct

With the shorter days and colder nights fast approaching, we check out four ways to get your coffee shop looking tip top for the autumn/winter season.

  1. Black

From black furniture and walls to bold prints and fixtures, there’s no stopping this dark force. Don’t be intimidated by its dominance, black can make an elegant and powerful statement. Paired with contrasting lighter tones, this shade can help create a sense of balance and even help make a room appear larger. Sultry and seductive, layering dark shades can suggest a comforting and enchanting atmosphere and can help to seduce customers in to your coffee shop throughout the colder months.

  1. 80’S

The fashion world is currently seeing a return to the 80’s (think shoulder pads and power suits) and it’s making its way into the world of interior design.  Back when everything was bigger – big hair, big business and big egos, interior design is getting equally big this winter. We are talking bold colour combinations, retro lighting, houseplants and flamboyant patterns. Implement fun neon typography signage or opt for bold shades of aubergine or avocado for instant 80’s chic!

  1. Statement Ceilings and Floors

It’s all about first impressions and what better way to make an impact than by jazzing up your floors and ceilings. Often one of the largest surfaces and most forgotten about areas of a room, consider adding decorative detailing or bold pops of colour to create a real statement. Geometric floor tiles or textured, layered ceiling panels can add instant interest and help your coffee shop to stand out from the rest.

  1. Simplicity

Decluttering is a great way to create positive energy for the darker, gloomier winter months. Scaling back and making more space can help to achieve a fresh, spacious and upbeat coffee shop ambience. Forget over-embellished decoration, eliminate non-essentials to suggest balance and order for a restful and calming coffee shop atmosphere – zen!

By Charlotte Anderson

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