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Attracting Millennials to Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 11 Aug

Millennials are currently the biggest generation group in history and their spending habits are expected to peak in the coming years. With this in mind, companies are doing their best to attract and engage the millennials market. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re as appealing as possible.

Dining Out

Ignoring warnings that they will be poorer than their parents with a life-time of debt, Millennials are most likely to splash their cash on dining out and impulsive buys. With rising house prices, home ownership is almost impossible for many millennials. Therefore they effectively have more disposable income than the older population. By creating an inviting setting and offering great deals, you can appeal to this market.


Millennials have a different idea when it comes to health. Whilst previous generations are concerned with calorie counting, Millennials are more interested in high quality fresh food with fewer processed and artificial ingredients. By introducing authentic, natural and unprocessed food into your menu offering, you can tempt these customers.

Fast Food

A survey by Morgan Stanley showed that Millennials make up 51% of fast-casual customers. By providing good quality food, at affordable prices and ensuring a speedy and efficient service, you will appeal to Millennials and keep them coming back for more. Millennials are constantly on the move and are often looking for a quick but quality food fix.


Career driven, highly educated and politically progressive, Millennials are more interested in purchasing from a company with good social ethics than older generations. Being socially progressive in your coffee shop’s ethos will bode well with this socially and ethically aware group.


Millennials are less influenced by advertising. Considering it as spin, they seek something more authentic. Millennials are more likely to review blogs and consult social media before making a purchase, valuing the opinions of their peers. You can tap into this area by encouraging customers to write reviews and offer incentives for recommending to friends.

Social Media & Diversity

Masters of social media with unlimited access to the world via their smartphones, Millennials are more likely to have picked up inspiration and tastes from around the world. They are more willing to try new and unusual foods, recipes, brands and products. Through offering unique recipes and concepts, you can play to this culturally diverse market.

By Charlotte Anderson

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