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Advantages of Digital Technology in the Fast-Casual Restaurant Sector
Team Offbeat | 10 Oct

A survey by Ordamo states that 95% of diners do not expect table service when dining at a fast-casual establishment. Research also suggests a dramatic shift towards digital ordering. Why has digital technology taken off so rapidly within the fast-casual sector?

Digital Ordering

55% of consumers find it annoying and disrupting having to wait in a queue when visiting a fast casual restaurant. The introduction of tablet and app-based ordering can help eliminate some of these annoyances, helping to streamline service. By allowing customers to order digitally via a tablet in-house or pre-order with an app, the power is in the hands of the consumer. This helps to speed up service and to make the payment process as easy and efficient as possible.

Collecting Data

Not only does digital ordering help to improve service efficiency, it also allows you to collect valuable data about your customers. This information can help you to direct marketing with email notifications and reward incentives. Additionally, establishments can create customised menus where diners can be greeted with their name and favourite dishes, creating a more personable experience.


The research shows that 88% of diners admit to suffering from food envy! With digital menus, quick-service restaurants are equipped to target this problem. Operators can upload images of food items to help inform and guide diners through their menu enabling them to make the best choices.

What this research shows is that customer experience can be enhanced in terms of offering, quality and efficiency by utilising digital technology, especially ordering systems. So what are you waiting for?

By Charlotte Anderson

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