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5 Sustainable Food Trends For 2020
Team Offbeat | 03 Jan

With a more considered approach to food and drink, 2020 appears to be full of culinary surprises! From fish fins to sea vegetables, we check out what’s in store.

  1. Fin-to-Gil

It’s estimated that we waste 60% of all the fish we eat, but that’s about to change! In 2020, we’ll be seeing a whole new side of fish. Deriving from the nose-to-tail concept, expect everything from prawn brain and cod cheeks to fish liver sauces and deep-fried fish eyes. Check out “The Whole Fish Cookbook” by Josh Niland who challenges everything we thought we knew about fish.

  1. British Dairy Beef

Usually destined for a mincer, meat from retired dairy cows is primarily only sold for low-grade processed foods. Tender and rich in flavour, a growing number of British farmers are rearing these cows for prime cuts of beef. Good for our palette as well as the planet, ‘retired dairy’ is increasingly popping up on menus across London. Check out Chiltern Firehouse, Beast and Lurra for excellent examples.

  1. Sustainable Spirits

Alcohol innovation isn’t exactly a new trend but it’s set to get a lot more responsible. Leading the way is Greensand Ridge, the UK’s most sustainable distillery. Utilising surplus produce from local farmers, their Premium London Dry Gin includes eight botanicals that can be found within a mile of the distillery.

  1. Sea Vegetables

According to the Waitrose Food Report, sea vegetables such as kelp, algae, samphire and nori all add umami flavour to dishes and provide the perfect substitute for salt. Check out Bancone, Covent Garden for the Seaweed Butter Bucatini or pop into Cub, Hoxton for their Nettle and Sea Truffle dish.

  1. Seaganism

Combining seafood with a vegan diet, Seaganism has been gaining a following over the past year. High in Omega-3 fatty acids, for many, Seaganism is a more achievable lifestyle than Veganism.

So, what’s stopping you?! Add a sea vegetable salad or a retired diary beef sandwich to your menu to set you in good stride for 2020.

By Charlotte Phillips

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