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5 New Web Design Trends to Uplif­t Your Coffee Shop Website
| 13 Jan

It’s crucial to have an up-to-date website design for your coffee shop or restaurant given the amount of consumers who will visit your online space before visiting your brick and mortar store. Here are 5 new web design trends to freshen up your coffee shop or restaurant website:

1) Say Bye to Flat Design

Flat design ruled throughout 2016 and became the go to style for web design. However, the trend is expected to die down as designers feel there is a lack of creativity making it hard to differentiate between websites. So, what can we expect for 2017? Think geometric shapes and lines alongside duo-tone gradient imagery. Of course, this will have to appeal to your coffee shop target audience but the colour and style combinations are practically endless.

2) More GIFs and Animations

GIFs and animations have recently increased in popularity due to their ease of explaining meaningful content quickly and efficiently. Both elements are popping up more within web design and have the ability to communicate information faster than video or text. If GIFs and animations are designed correctly, they can also be less file size heavy in comparison to multiple images.

3) Experimental Heading Styles

It’s time to break some rules and move away from the traditional heading styles seen on websites. Designers are moving towards experimental and creative headings focusing on achieving a more unique and memorable experience.  Creative headings could help to highlight your coffee shop’s main offerings from speciality blends to loose leaf teas.

4) Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions help to make interaction between users and websites easier and more efficient in subtle yet powerful ways. Examples include hover screens and scrolling effects. Despite micro-interactions already being present in many websites, designers are working to make them more refined and informative.

5) Hand-Drawn Elements

Hand-drawn elements are perfect for adding extra character and personality to your coffee shop or restaurant website. This could include anything from graphics and fonts to buttons and icons. The use of hand-drawn elements could help to soften your brand image in addition to making your website more memorable.

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By Dawood Pathan

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