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5 Food Trends to Expect for 2017
| 09 Dec

2017 is just around the corner and industry experts have already begun to predict the next popular food trends. From bowl foods and seaweed to artisan butcher restaurants, here are 5 food trends to expect over the coming year:

1) Mexican cuisine – Spice is life!

According to Londonist’s food and drink editor, Helen Graves, ‘2017 will be the year of Mexican food’. Consumers can expect to experience more exceptional tasting Mexican cuisine including tacos, sauces and salsas. If you’re after great tasting Mexican food, why not visit Wahaca or Mestizo.

2) Plenty of Pasta – Pasta Given a New Twist.

Pasta made from different vegetables, grains and lentils is expected to be a hit in 2017. The trend plays to the growing demand for healthy meals whilst satisfying our need for indulgence.

Craving pasta? Check out Pasta Remoli for authentic Italian dishes.

3) Veggie Overload – New healthy alternatives!

Kale became an extremely popular superfood in 2016. However, it’s now time to say goodbye as there are more alternatives for healthy vegetables. Seaweed, turnip greens and carrot tops are only a few veggies expected to take off in 2017. With the growing fad of reducing waste and recycling ingredients, chefs are on the look-out for more exciting alternatives.

4) A Bowl for Your Soul

Bowl foods, including acai and poke, blew up this year so expect to see restaurants serving their dishes in bowls more frequently over the coming year. Bowl foods are quick to prepare, easy to eat and suitable for dine-in and take away operations. As consumers are predicted to become more time conscious with their meals, bowl foods seem the perfect match to accommodate to their growing demands.

5) Meat and Theatre – Artisan Butcher Restaurants

With a growing number of consumers opting for vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, restaurants focused on meat offerings are thought to offer more theatrical and up-scale experiences in 2017. It’s all about creating a more immersive and memorable restaurant experience.

By Dawood Pathan

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