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5 Design Tips for Consistent Branding
| 27 Sep

Having a good level of consistency within your branding will ensure elements are equally balanced and work together effectively to make your design easy to use. Consistent branding doesn’t just visually look appealing but can enhance user experiences so that consumers enjoy your design the way it was intended to be used. Here are 5 elements to consider when designing your brand:


Colour is a significant element that helps users identify brands and associate certain feelings with brands. When choosing your colour palette it’s important to establish your primary and secondary colours, making use of the concepts of colour theory. Think how and where you will use both primary and secondary colours, whether it’s for packaging, patterns, or website design and establish a set of rules so you can create consistency.


As with colour, similar rules can be used with typography to ensure consistency. Avoid using multiple typefaces and focus on establishing a primary and secondary typeface. You may choose to use a bold typeface for your primary font to create dominance whereas for your secondary typeface, a light sans serif font for additional information as well as added contrast. Always consider the purpose of typography before picking typefaces to ensure the right message and meaning is reflected of your brand.


Utilising space efficiently will create harmony between elements of your branding and make for a consistent look amongst the different mediums you choose to explore. To establish consistent spacing, a popular and well-known method to use is a grid system. A grid system will help to determine where you should place elements including text, imagery or illustrations both vertically and horizontally. Grids can be used for digital applications including mobile and web in addition to packaging and logo design.


Having a certain style of imagery throughout your branding will help to make your brand more memorable among your consumers. You might choose to use close-ups of related subject areas or perhaps flat birds-eye shots for the different products or offerings you stock. Your choice of imagery can help you to stand out from the crowd and should tie in with your colour scheme.


Sizing elements correctly will help to create harmony and balance within your branding. Size can be used to create hierarchy and meaning and may also act as a visual guide for consumers depending on the medium used. Having a good balance in sizing between elements will make it easier for users to digest information and may make your brand more memorable.

By Dawood Pathan

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