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3 Ways to Improve Your Coffee Shop Experience
| 02 May

Offering a quality experience at your coffee shop is crucial in building consumer loyalty and ensuring a return visit. Here are three of the most popular ways to improve your coffee shop experience: 

1)    Workshops and Classes

Workshops and masterclasses are two engaging ways to keep your coffee shop in touch with the local community. Popular subjects range from coffee tasting sessions to more creative subjects such as arts and crafts, which can appeal to a far wider audience. Organising regular events can encourage customers to return and can help to establish brand loyalty.

2)    Free Wi-fi

Offering free wi-fi is a simple way to attract customers and to encourage sales. As customers are cautious of using up their data plans, they will happily grab the opportunity to access the Internet for free.

Coffee shops are increasingly becoming co-working spaces given their ease of access to the internet. Couple this with a casual, inviting environment and you provide the perfect spot for those looking to work away from home. 

3)    Cloud-based POS Systems 

Advances in technology have allowed the hospitality industry to operate more efficiently, especially with cloud-based POS systems. POS systems allow a large number of establishments to keep track of orders, sales and performance stats whilst being easily accessible from mobile to desktop devices.

By Dawood Pathan

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