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3 Tips to Boost Your Social
Team Offbeat | 01 Aug

Customers are constantly using social media to review food and drink establishments and to help them decide where to visit next. Here are 3 top tips to improve your online presence. 

1) Be Consistent

One of the key foundations to building a strong brand presence online is consistency. Developing a social media strategy will help you to define the style of language, formatting and visuals you should implement to ensure your brand message is consistent across all social platforms. Platforms such as Instagram are centred on visual content, and therefore it is important to have a visually enticing feed to attract potential customers and to grow your customer base.

Sticking to a strategy will strengthen your brand image and make your business more recognisable to your customers.

2) Monitor Review Pages

There is a strong chance your customers are reviewing your restaurant or coffee shop online whether it be via Facebook or review sites such as Yelp. Given this, it’s crucial to stay active and respond to customers, addressing negative feedback and showing appreciation for positive comments. Keeping active on your review pages will improve customer engagement and make your guests feel appreciated.

3) Share Customer Posts

Sharing customer posts is a fantastic way to engage with your customers and gain insight into their thoughts on your restaurant or coffee shop. Not only will your customers feel connected to your brand, but it will also increase your credibility as an establishment. You can turn customers into brand ambassadors by featuring their reviews, this way making your customers feel special whilst gaining you brand exposure and boosting your online following.

By Dawood Pathan

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