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3 Steps for a Trustworthy Brand
Team Offbeat | 30 Aug

Trust, in many respects is at an all-time low. Sadly, due to fake news, political scandal and product credibility, only 52% of people globally trust businesses (Edelman Trust Barometer). Therefore, brands must play a role in addressing real problems and not letting people down. Here are our 3 steps to ensure a trustworthy brand.

  1. Understand Your Customer

Whether you are new to the industry or an established business, you should genuinely know your consumer. Do your research – get feedback from customers, stay up-to-date with trends and try to understand how people think and behave. Use social media to your advantage by engaging and collaborating with your customers to see what ticks their boxes. Invest in the time to do this, or risk failing to recognise the needs and wants of your customers and get left behind.

  1. Find Your Purpose

Question yourself – What can your brand offer that no one else can? Transparency is key, be honest and believe in your offering. Consumers want to engage with brands that are authentic, honest and reliable and not solely driven by profit. Contemplate the future of your brand and consider how you can evolve and grow to accommodate potential customer needs.

  1. Deliver

It’s one thing to talk the talk, it’s another to actually deliver your promises. Ultimately, this comes down to the way your customers feel when they engage with your brand. Don’t be shy to communicate your customers experiences across your marketing platforms. Use social media to gain customer feedback and publicise responses and opinions – your customers will thank you for your honesty and transparency.

By Charlotte Anderson

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