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3 Spatial Considerations for Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 17 Jan

When planning a coffee shop, spatial design is key for a successful business. We consider three points for the perfect plan.

  1. Front Counter Position

It may sound obvious but getting the counter position correct is key in order to optimise space and sales. If you want to promote take away sales, the counter should easily be seen from the street. Positioned at the front, running the length of the shop, allows for enticing window displays and accessibility for customers on the run.

  1. Behind Counter Layout

Layout behind the bar is extremely important. A good working area will significantly improve workflow, speeding up the process and ultimately increase sales. You can do this by minimising the distance from espresso machine to service counter. This way, your customers are able to see their drinks being made, creating a memorable and engaging experience.

  1. Seating Plan

Seating is a great way to help zone your coffee shop. A variety of comfort levels accommodates varying customer preferences and also helps to dictate how your customers use the space. For instance, high bar stools near the door is a perfect spot for customers wanting a quick coffee and a prompt exit, whilst more comfortable lounge chairs positioned deeper into the space create a more relaxed environment.

Ultimately, the aim is to achieve both a workable and comfortable space. Considering these key points will help to optimise customer flow for a successful design and business.

By Charlotte Phillips

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