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3 Coffee Waste Innovations
Team Offbeat | 19 Sep

In the UK alone, we consume around 55 million cups of coffee a day. This equates to approximately 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds being sent to landfill yearly. Always looking for innovation in the coffee industry, here at Offbeat Creative we have explored some ingenious ways in which your coffee shop waste can be put to good use.

Cosmetics company, Optiat, specifically source used Arabica coffee grounds from London’s finest cafes, bars and restaurants to produce a range of skincare products. Giving new life to an ingredient that would otherwise be discarded, the fine grounds act as a natural exfoliator by gently removing the surface layer of dead skin cells to leave skin feeling soft and supple. Not only this, the caffeine in coffee stimulates blood flow, improving skin conditions such as acne, eczema and stretch marks by renewing and regenerating. Why not become a collaborator?

Taking it one step further is ethical and sustainable coffee distributer, Cru Kafe. Making innovative use of the often discarded cherry fruit that surrounds the coffee bean, Cru Kafe have created a coffee flour. Formerly a waste product, the coffee cherry can be dried and milled to create flavour-rich, gluten-free flour. The flour is high in protein, fibre, iron, potassium and packed full of antioxidants! Not only incredibly tasty, this product can also help to create sustainable jobs and revenue for some of the world’s poorest coffee growing countries.

A German recycling company, Kaffeeform, are using coffee grounds to produce coffee cups! Yes, you heard right, Kaffeeform have invented stylish cups and saucers by combining and compressing used coffee grounds, sustainable wood grains and resin. The lightweight, simple and classic design can be made from the waste of just six espressos! Your daily dose of caffeine today could be your coffee cup tomorrow!

Offbeat Creative thrives on and promotes innovation. With just a little innovation and ingenuity, it’s possible to cut down coffee shop waste and help to create a more sustainably aware society. Do your part and help combat food waste!

By Charlotte Anderson

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