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3 Big Brand Design Trends – 2019
Team Offbeat | 22 Feb

We believe updating your logo once every few years is essential to remain current in the competitive hospitality sector. We’re not talking a big re-brand, just small alterations that will keep your logo looking and feeling fresh. We explore some trends that are directing brand design in 2019.

  1. Illustration

Illustration as letter substitutes can make for a creative and original design. However, legibility is of upmost importance. The illustration needs to successfully portray a true representation of the letter whilst also being meaningful, translating your brand ethos and personality.

  1. Motion

Gone are the days where a logo sits still at the top of a letterhead. Digital screens are all around us, creating more opportunity for moving images. It’s important that your logo can successfully translate across multiple platforms. Be it a website, social media or an app, motion branding is one sure way to grab the attention of existing and potential customers alike.

  1. Minimalism

A pretty firm favourite, minimalism is here to stay. An uncomplicated, simple and modest logo is a great way to clearly translate your brand personality. Additionally, a minimal design can effortlessly translate across various platforms and marketing material, both big and small. A conceptual logo design can make for a modest, elegant and stylish brand identity.

By Charlotte Phillips

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